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#FUCKAGENRE - Pre order EP NOW, more tracks coming soon, there will be 6 in total. (Not to mention a couple of bonus tracks I'm keeping secret for now)

Genre is great for creating a market but it is harmful twofold. 1. Treating music like a commodity instead of an experience is harmful to the creative process, and removes the real benefits of accepting art for what it is. The moment that a society's cultural capital is the same as its commercial capital, culture loses it's inherent value and becomes the same thing as a dollar. Music is sadly the biggest victim of this in terms of art. A music's value should not be assessed by its success in the realm of commerce, but in its ability to create an emotional experience, and add to a society's cultural capital. Rich minds don't need money, they need a life full of experience.

Secondly, restricting one's ability to experiment with new methods, new tempos, new instrumentation, new cadence, and new inspiration, is counterproductive to ones ability to learn, grow, expand, and experience. For this reason I feel like genre should be cast aside in the pursuit of new artistic experiences.

Now I'm not saying that particular types of music shouldn't RESONATE more with you than other types; as evidenced by what you'll hear in this project, we all got a favorite type of donut. Quite the contrary, I'm only arguing that if this enjoyable experience makes you feel good, you shouldn't limit yourself and not have them feels over and over again with new types of music. Ignorance may be bliss but experience is transcendent.

No rules, No preconceived notions. Just me makin tunes and vibin out. Not afraid to say I'm feelin myself. Not afraid to get a little weird from time to time.


released January 2, 2016

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Sole Glow Collective Austin, Texas

We are an art collective hoping To expand a global network where we can all help promote and support each other's work and expand the scope of each other's projects by working together to produce multidimensional multimedia. Solidarity, community, friendship that thinks globally and acts locally. We promote and spread art and song that has a powerful healing effect on the mind, body and heart. ... more

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